Gaura Rust

Gaura rust 2b

Uromyces plumbarius, the cause of gaura rust.

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2 Responses to Gaura rust 2b

  1. lynne schwartz says:

    What can you do to treat the rust? Is it a fungus? What about a copper fungicide? Is there some way to use a chemical that would prevent this problem? I see similar spots on my Viburnim.

    • Don Ferrin says:


      Yes, rust is caused by a fungus and you can use fungicides to prevent them from developing. Copper fungicides will work, but fungicides containing propiconazole, myclobutanil or triadimefon would give better protection as they will be absorbed into the leaves and then won’t wash off. Many of the rusts are active during the spring and fall, so preventative sprays should be made during those times.

      Viburnum does get a rust disease, but it is caused by a different fungus than the one on gaura.


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