Recent Rains Bring on Diseases in the Garden


Poorly developed blackberry fruit due to poor pollination.

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5 Responses to DSCN3237cropped

  1. rmturley says:

    Be curious to know what variety of Blackberry this is?

  2. rmturley says:

    Northern developed varieties can typically have problems setting fruit in climatic conditions of Gulf coasts states.

  3. rmturley says:

    The late Dr. Earl Puls, long time fruit specialist and I had this discussion. I had grown the USDA/Maryland variety ‘Darrow’ and it would grow vigorously and bloom profusely but would look like the picture you posted. He said they are not adapted to our climatic conditions for fruiting Most of the Arkansas newer varieties do well in Louisiana and many with chilling requirement low enough to do well here.

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