Got Brown Patch?

I’m seeing a lot of large (brown) patch just waiting for the turf to green up a bit more and an extended period of wet weather to really get it going. Right now would be a good time to make an application of fungicide to slow it down. It’s on my list of things to do for the weekend!


About Don Ferrin

I am an associate professor and extension specialist in the Department of Plant Patholgy & Crop Physiology with the LSU AgCenter in Baton Rouge. I have statewide responsibility for issues and educational programs related to diseases of all horticultural crops in Louisiana.
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2 Responses to Got Brown Patch?

  1. joe miller says:

    What fungicide do you recommend?

    • Don Ferrin says:

      For homeowners, Maxide Dual Action Disease Killer Granules, which has azoxystrobin as the active ingredient. Fungicides that contain propiconazole or myclobutanil are also effective.

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