New Fungicide for Control of Large (Brown) Patch in Home Lawns

Believe it or not, fall is just around the corner, which means it’s almost time for large (or brown) patch to makes its annual appearance. Just a reminder that to control this disease fungicides should be applied preventatively beginning about mid-September, with repeated applications as necessary throughout the fall being sure to follow the instructions on the label. This year, homeowners have a new fungicide to add to their arsenal of turfgrass disease control products, Maxide Disease Killer, which contains the active ingredient azoxystrobin. This product is available at Lowe’s, Stine Lumber, Tractor Supply and elsewhere, and is formulated as a granular material containing 0.31% azoxystrobin. However, please be aware that Maxide has a similar product called Maxide Disease Killer Ready to Spray that contains the active ingredient propiconazole rather than azoxystrobin. 

Initial stages of large patch on St. Augustinegrass.

Large patch.


About Don Ferrin

I am an associate professor and extension specialist in the Department of Plant Patholgy & Crop Physiology with the LSU AgCenter in Baton Rouge. I have statewide responsibility for issues and educational programs related to diseases of all horticultural crops in Louisiana.
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