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Sweet Orange Scab in Louisiana – Update (August 30)

Sweet orange scab has now been confirmed in a citrus grove in Calcasieu Parish. Advertisements

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Laurel Wilt Continues to Move West

Laurel wilt, a devastating disease of red bay and sassafras trees that is transmitted by the red bay ambrosia beetle, was found recently in Panama City in the Florida panhandle. Initial symptoms of laurel wilt are a reddish or purplish discoloration … Continue reading

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Disease Du Jour (August 25)

Today’s photos are of Cercospora leaf spot of persimmon and come courtesy of Stuart Gauthier in Vermillion Parish. The disease occurs only on the foliage and does not affect the fruit directly. However, it can cause premature defoliation, which in turn can affect … Continue reading

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Sweet Orange Scab Now in Louisiana

On August 20, sweet orange scab (SOS), caused by Elsinoë australis, was confirmed on a residential citrus (lime) tree in the Algiers section of Orleans Parish.  According to USDA-APHIS PPQ, “under the International Plant Protection Convention standards, Elsinoë australis is considered … Continue reading

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New Fungicide for Control of Large (Brown) Patch in Home Lawns

Believe it or not, fall is just around the corner, which means it’s almost time for large (or brown) patch to makes its annual appearance. Just a reminder that to control this disease fungicides should be applied preventatively beginning about mid-September, … Continue reading

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Diseases in the News: Thousand Cankers Disease Found in Tennessee

The Thousand Cankers Disease (TCD) of walnuts, particularly black walnuts, that was previously thought to occur only in the western U.S., was recently found near Knoxville, Tennessee. Based on the relatively widespread distribution of the disease in the surrounding area and … Continue reading

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New Citrus Disease in Texas

Sweet orange scab of citrus was found recently on a satsuma tree in Orange, Texas about 3.5 miles west of the Texas-Louisiana border. Unlike citrus (or sour orange) scab caused by Elsinoë fawcetti, which normally occurs in the southern U.S., sweet orange scab caused by Elsinoë … Continue reading

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