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Disease Du Jour (July 15)

 Today’s disease images come to us by way of Rusty Batty in St. Tammany Parish. With the abundant moisture and humidity we’ve had recently, conditions have been ideal for a disease like fig leaf and web blight to exhibit itself. This disease is caused by … Continue reading

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Disease Du Jour (July 12)

To get the week off to a good start our “disease du jour” comes to us courtesy of Russell Harris in Orleans parish. This is oak leaf blister caused by the fungus Taphrina caerulescens. The disease develops on a wide variety of oaks … Continue reading

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Outlook Bleak for the Control of Bacterial Diseases of Ornamentals

The search for new products to aid in the control of bacterial plant pathogens on ornamental crops continues to look unpromising. IR-4 just released the results of efficacy tests of potential control products. Their summary follows:  “During 2008 and 2009, 45 … Continue reading

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IR-4 Ornamental Horticulture Program Survey for 2010/2011

This just in from the IR-4 Project: “The IR-4 Project’s Ornamental Horticulture Program helps provide safe and effective pest management solutions for greenhouse, nursery, landscape, Christmas tree and forestry producers. We work with growers, researchers, registrants and regulatory agencies to facilitate new … Continue reading

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Disease Du Jour (July 8)

Today’s disease photo comes courtesy of Dr. Dale Pollet. This is foamy canker (or alcoholic flux), a disease that occurs on a number of tree species, but is most commonly seen on elm, oak, sweet gum and Victorian box. The white … Continue reading

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Sugarbeets for the South?

I saw a recent article in Delta Farm Press about alternative crops for production in the South. The one that caught my eye was sugarbeets, which they want to grow for biofuel. Although this would normally be grown as a winter … Continue reading

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Basil Downy Mildew Now in Louisiana!

It’s official. Basil downy mildew was found in Baton Rouge on July 4. As a matter of fact, it was right outside my back door! The plants had been purchased at a local garden center two weeks before, just as … Continue reading

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